Staying In (Acoustic Original)

November 7, 2020 - videos

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Here’s an original tune of mine called “Staying In” from a few weeks ago!


I’m tired of being tired and I’m
Sorry for being sorry
What’s the point in apologizing
If all it does is make you worry
And I know it’s been a long road, with lots of turns
We’ve still got rocks to climb and bridges to burn.

I’m staying in
I’m staying in
I’m staying in.

Yeah I’m the cursed child, I think
My parents wanted a daughter
Now they’ve got a musician and
I think they still want a daughter
I know it’s a long way to Mars, Winnipeg, or Halifax
If I told you I was feeling alone, would you still have my back.

All my friends are moving to Montreal
I’m staying in
All my friends are going out
I’m staying in
Hey man, did you hear the boys are back in town
I’m staying in
World’s on fire outside my door, but it don’t matter, no, it don’t matter
I’m staying in.

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