January 1, 2020 - blog

New Year’s Resolutions are funny.

I don’t normally subscribe to setting a resolution most years since I know it creates an unhealthy pressure for me to do something. Could I eat healthier? Sure. Could I play more music? Absolutely. But I prefer to do things on my own terms. That being said, I did go against the grain earlier this year when I decided I wanted to set a goal for myself: see more live music.

The rules were simple - try to go to a gig (local or touring) every 1-2 weeks, and playing a gig myself counted towards this tally. My reasoning for doing this and following these rules is that I felt like getting back into the local music scene. So… did it work?

I asked myself that very question at the end of 2019, the answer is: yes and no. I attended/played 26 shows this year, which is a little over 2 per month. Not bad, me!

Other fun stats for 2019:

  • Movies seen: 34
  • New instruments: Several
  • New YouTube videos: 1
  • Sightings/signatures of Rush’s Geddy Lee: 1

Goals for 2020:

  • Release an album
  • Play/attend more live music
  • More content on YouTube (subscribe, please!) and this website

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xoxo Jon

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